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General Nautical

Sea Shanties & Songs

History and Development of Tattooing

Tattoo History Source Book

Excavation of 19th cent. coasting vessel

Nautical History Terms [pre-1800]

The Olde Book of Seadogs -- 16th century

War of 1812

Fort Erie War of 1812 hub

1812 USMC Brigade

Hamilton Ships Company (Ontario)

Maritime History site with many original 1812 entries

American Privateer General Armstrong

Article: Birth of American Naval Power

The Spanish American War

Spanish American War in Movies (Library of Congress)

Spanish American Centennial Website

Spanish American War Centennial site

The American Civil War

Civil War Torpedoes
The Pook Turtle Project
CW Navy & Marine Forum
Excavation of the Denbigh, a Blockade Runner
Hampton Roads CW Navy
Civil War Navy Ironclads Page
Portraits in Black
Uniform Regulations 1864
Yazoo Naval Pres. Foundation
USS Cushing
Port Columbus Civil War Naval Center
USS Constellation, Last Civil War Naval Ship still afloat
Charleston Civil War Naval Operations
Naval Page of "American Civil War" 
American Civil War Homepage
Navies in the Civil War
Library of Congress Civil War photos
Civil War Navy Chronology
Civil War Torpedoes
History of US Naval Uniforms and Insignia
Uriah Levy Legacy page
Confederate Naval Museum
Australian Civil War Roundtable
History of the S. Atlantic Blockading Squadron
Signal Corps Association
R.T. Campbell's Confederate Naval History
Thomas Eishen's Roster of Civil War Living History Units

The Royal Navy

Royal Navy in the Napoleonic Era
HMS Victory
Pay in the RN in the Napoleonic Era
Historical Maritime Society
1871 U.S. Korean Campaign
Korean War 1871

Post-1901 Time Periods

Vietnam River Patrol Boats

Tonkin Gulf Yacht Club Web Guide
Web Guide to naval activities during the Vietnam conflict. Contains message boards, photo album, and roster of ships that served in the Tonkin Gulf.

Web guide to submarines, message boards and FREE email accounts:

J. Christley's Old Subs Site

Museums and Restoration Projects

The Pook Turtle Project

Port Columbus Civil War Naval Museum

Naval History & Heritage Command

Hampton Roads Naval Museum

Naval & Maritime Museums (Univ of Uppsala)

Database of Ships (Univ of Uppsala) 

German Maritime Museum

Plymouth [UK] Naval Base Museum

Maritime America

Peabody Essex Museum

The World Ship Society

U.S. Merchant Marine

U.S. Merchant Marine, "Other Wars" page

Guide to Maritime Info on InternetEngine-driven ships 1865-1920

Great Lakes Marine Collection

U.S.N. Memorial Foundation Navy Logs Online

All Times Reenactors Net

Naval & Maritime Museum List (U.S.) 

Naval & Maritime Museums (International)

U.S.S. Cairo Photo Album

Navies in Transition
(A Guide to Surviving & Reconstructed 19th century Warships from the pre-Ironclad Era)

Fort Ward (Virginia)

Simon Lake's 1894 Argonaut Junior Build Project
Builders will craft a full-sized working replica of this pioneering submarine in June of 2010. Come join us!

Sutlers (Vendors)

Sutlers' List from the USNLP Handbook for Naval Reenactors

Hesson Clothiers

Legendary Arms

Sutlers list, Spanish American War (sea chests, beckets, plans)

Ship Models

Thoroughbred Figures, 1/600 scale

Peter Pig Miniatures, 1/600 scale

Columbus Ironworks (radio-controlled), 1/48 scale

Civil War Ironclads (card kits), 1/185 scale

Houstonís Ships (Stone Mountain Miniatures), 1/1000 scale

Lonestar Models, 1/192 scale

Cottage Industry Models, 1/32 and 1/96 scale

Hobbies (Graupner Model Boats)


Other Related Links

Marine Corps Heritage Foundation

The MINERVA Center (Studies of Women in War)

Timeline of the World's Largest Passenger Ships, 1831 to Present

Seacoast New Hampshire

J. Christley's Old Subs Site

Naval Order of the U.S.


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