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Just as NMLHA was founded to support the efforts of reenactors portraying the Sailors and Marines of various nationalities from America's past, so is On Deck! published as a free resource of articles and information for our fellows -- and for researchers, educators, students, and anyone with an interest in nautical history. On Deck! is an ongoing and ever-growing resource for historical reports and original research relating to the naval services.

NMLHA accepts articles from any interested writer, but does reserve the right as editor not to publish an article. NMLHA is a non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation providing informational and material support to its constituent units. For a full description of the Navy & Marine Living History Association please visit our main website at navyandmarine.org.   This site includes a listing of our member units with links to their homepages as well as other resources for the nautical reenactor and researcher. Enjoy the articles!

(About the "cover" artwork)

Articles pertaining to the U.S. Revenue Cutter Service and attendant / descendant services are highlighted in yellow.


Reprise to a Royal Navy Defeat (by R. Tucker)

Salt Horse & Ship's Biscuit (by M. Rutz)
Draught of the Frigate Boston
The Mysterious Cannon (by J. Mathews)
Royal Navy Articles of War
Rules for the Regulation of the Navy of the United Colonies of North-America
  Lost at Sea

Constitution and Java

Cruise of the Gun-Brig "Argus"
1826 The Battle of Honolulu  ("Mad Jack" Percival and Dolphin visit Hawaii)
1840-1848 The Texas Navy & The French Ironclads (by Jim Mathews) 
The First Attack (by Jim Mathews) 

The Naval Battery at Vera Cruz

  Narrative of the Last Cruise of the U.S. Steam Frigate Missouri (by William Bolton)
1853-1854 The Perry Expedition to Japan
1856 The Battle of the Canton Barrier Forts (by B. Nalty)

Prelude: The Antebellum Navy (by D. Ringle)

Prelude: The U.S. and Foreign Navies in 1860 (by D. Caney)
  Compendium of U.S. Marine Actions in the Civil War (by Dave Ekard)t
  Navy Medal of Honor Citations of the Civil War
  The Last Naval Veterans of the War of the Rebellion (by Roger Kuchera)
How the Cumberland Went Down (by Moses S. Stuyvesant, USN) 
How the U.S. Navy Won the Civil War (by C. Veit, on USNLP site)
Raphael Semmes' Description of Early Singapore
A Naval Officer's Manual of the Sword (by R. Tucker)
The Maneuver and Conduct of Marine Units Ashore (by B. Cates)
Black American Contributions to Union Intelligence (by P. K. Rose)
Black Americans in the Confederate Navy and Marine Corps (by J. Nevins)
  The Navy's Great Salt Raids (by D. Ekardt)
Naval Actions at St. Johns Bluff, Florida, Fall 1862 (by Robert A. Mattson)
Integration in the U.S. Navy
Services of the Virginia (Merrimack) (by Captain Catesby Ap. R. Jones, CSN
Running of the Blockade (by James Sprunt) 
Admiral Raphael Semmes (by  Captain S. Spencer Semmes) 
Black Men in Navy Blue During the Civil War (by J. P. Reidy)
The Assault on Fort Fisher (Official Records of the Navies)
The First Cruise of the Monitor Passaic (by Edgar Holden)
The Engagement in Hampton Roads: Union and Confederate Documents
(Official Records of the Navies)
The Confederate Torpedo Service (by R. O. Crowley)
Mutiny Aboard the Arago and the Illinois (by C. L. Veit)
The Tallahassee's Dash into New York Waters (by Captain John Taylor Wood, CSN) 
A Leaf from My Logbook (by Master W. Frank Shippey, CSN) 
Capture of the USS Underwriter (by Surgeon Daniel B. Conrad, CSN
First Shiloh -- The Navy Assault on Pittsburg Landing (by C. L. Veit)
The Capture of Fernandina, Florida (by C. L. Veit) 
Naval Operations at the [Second] Battle of Shiloh (Official Records of the Navies)
The Career of the Confederate Ram Albemarle, Part I (by Gilbert Elliott, Her Builder
The Career of the Confederate Ram Albemarle, Part II (by Edgar Holden, M.D., USN) 
The Career of the Confederate Ram Albemarle, Part III (by W. B. Cushing., USN) 
The Battle of the Straits of Shimonoseki (by C. L. Veit)
The Work of Submarine Boats (by Lieutenant William H. Alexander, CSA
The Confederate Steamship Patrick Henry (by Captain James H. Rochelle, CSN) 
The Cruise of the Shenandoah (by Captain William C. Whittle, CSN) 
A Brief History of a Double-Ended Gunboat (by T. Foenander)
Gunboats on the Mississippi, 1864 (Adm. David Dixon Porter) 
The Story of the U.S.S. Cricket (by C. L. Veit)
Submarines in the Civil War
U.S. Naval Submarine Operations during the American Civil War (Alligator) (by J. L. Christley)
A Matter of Honor: The Seizure of the Pensacola Navy Yard (by D. Ekardt)
The Gunboat Essex (by C. E. Lester) 
Engagement at Deloges Bluff (by C. L. Veit)
The Loss of the Sultana
The Raid That Wasn't: The Navy Attack on the Petersburg Railroad (by C. L. Veit)
The Mill Boy (by Jay Brent Tipton)
Orderly Sergeant Christopher Nugent, Medal of Honor Winner (by D. Ekardt)
Our Navy in the Civil War
Farragut and Our Naval Commanders (J. T. Headley)
Flame & Smoke: The Ironclad CSS Arkansas (by Jay Brent Tipton)
Rules & Regulations for the Government of the Navy ("Rocks & Shoals"), 1862
Regulations for the Navy of the Confederate States, 1862
1871 Campaign in Korea (by T. Duvernay)
1894-1895 The Battle of the Yalu -- Capt. Philo Norton McGiffin, USN

The Beginning of the Spanish-American War

How the Spanish Lost Guantanamo Bay
Marines Hold the Line -- And the Wall (Boxer Rebellion)
19th Century

Disappearing Guns


Signalman First Class Douglas Albert Munro


Adrift: Coast Guard Cutter Jackson

General History

Period Nautical Slang

"Camels" (by J. Mathews)
The Sounding Lead (by J. Mathews)
Gun Drill Aboard a Man o'War (by J. Mathews)
The U.S. Coast Survey (by J. Mathews) 
Coastal Fortifications of the United States (by J. Mathews)
The Brooklyn Navy Yard  
Discipline in the Old Navy  (by C. Veit)
What is the Revenue Marine/Revenue Cutter Service? (by A. Mordica)
Wooden Vessel Ship Construction (by Jim Mathews) 
"Seafaring Women" (by Dr. L. Grant de Pauw)
"Rocks & Shoals" (by J. E. Valle)
"Black Jacks" (by Dr. W. J. Bolster)
USS Alligator
Excavation of the Denbigh, a Confederate Blockade Runner


About the "cover" artwork

on_deck_main_screen_key.gif (28630 bytes) 1. Figurehead "Columbia"
2. U.S.S. Constitution, "Old Ironsides"

3. Oliver Hazard Perry, War of 1812
4. Union Seaman, Civil War
5. Petty Officer, Civil War
6. Pre-Civil War USMC insignia
7. John Paul Jones, Revolutionary War
8. Admiral George Dewey on the bridge of the Olympia at the Battle of Manila Bay
9. Union Powder Monkey, Civil War
10. U.S.N. button, 19th century
11. U.S.S. Iowa, Spanish-American War
12. C.S.S. Atlanta, Confederate ironclad
13. Continental Navy Marine
14. U.S.N. officer's sword

15. C.S.N. button, Civil War
16. British boarding action, War of 1812

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